Camping Season is almost here!

Camping season is almost here!!! Traditionally camping season is from mid-April to mid-October.  These are the best months to enjoy outdoor living.  While we enjoy winter camping almost as much as the regular camping season, there's nothing like being outdoors and smelling the campfires, the bacon cooking in the morning, and meeting and talking with new and old friends milling about the campsite.
We recently attended this year's RV Show near our hometown with some of our camping friends.  We go every year, and last year's attendance is what prompted us to join a campground and buy a camper.  BEST DECISION EVER!  So, you'd think there's no need to attend another RV Show if we already bought a camper.  But, there is so much to see and learn other than just looking through the campers.  I love looking through the campers and seeing what I like and don't like about them.  Seeing how they measure up to what I currently have and have grown to really love.  I get ideas, tips, tricks, and even some freebies - scored 10 koozies, 4 pens, 2 baseball caps, a blanket, a grill cook set and stacks of cups - ALL FREE!
Here's what I can tell you about the RV shows. The campers are offered at a huge discount - but they are show prices only.  So, if you are serious about buying, come with your checkbook ready to buy.  New campers are shiny and bright and come with lots of bells and whistles, but in my experience they can also come with problems.  Be sure to have a good RV mechanic check your RV out from front to back.  Your warranty on the new purchase will only take you so far.  And who wants something to break on their first trip out for the year?
We bought used!  While we inherited someone else's problems, we also were able to customize our camper to our own liking by remodeling it and putting our own personal touches to it. And we have become quite the RV fixer-uppers since owning our camper.  We have fixed electrical issues, A/C and heater issues, even the holding tanks under the RV.  Make YouTube your friend and try to figure some things out yourself, if you can.  It will save you thousands of dollars.
Enjoy the upcoming camping season!  Get out there and have fun, meet new people, and live outdoors for a while.  Your mind, soul and body will thank you!


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