Campsite Sunrise

One of my many favorite things about the campsite is waking up to a beautiful sunrise shining through all the campers in their slots.  It's so peaceful and quiet when we wake up each morning.  No alarms. No traffic. No hustle and bustle.  Just the birds chirping and pure, peaceful quiet.
Sleeping in at the campsite is not something I have yet mastered, however, I don't mind. I enjoy waking up to the sun filtering through the shades on the camper window. I enjoy quietly going outside to sit under the awning and take in the morning. Everything is still and sleepy. Most of the campers have yet to breach their door to the outdoors, leaving me alone and at peace with the morning.
This is a good time of reflection. Reflection of the previous day. Reflection of the day to come. And sometimes reflection of my life. It's a quiet time to be one with the universe and have an intimate chat with my creator.
It doesn't take long for life to begin to abound - people begin to hustle around, walking their dogs, taking morning strolls, stretching their legs for the day ahead. And then there are the smells - coffee brewing in the camper next door, smoke from a morning fire down the path, and bacon - oh the wonderful smell of bacon that drifts through the campsite all morning long.
Even for just the weekend, my time at the campsite feels like a vacation. It's a time away from my normal life and responsibilities. And nothing makes it more enjoyable than a campsite sunrise!


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