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Campsite Sunrise

One of my many favorite things about the campsite is waking up to a beautiful sunrise shining through all the campers in their slots.  It's so peaceful and quiet when we wake up each morning.  No alarms. No traffic. No hustle and bustle.  Just the birds chirping and pure, peaceful quiet.
Sleeping in at the campsite is not something I have yet mastered, however, I don't mind. I enjoy waking up to the sun filtering through the shades on the camper window. I enjoy quietly going outside to sit under the awning and take in the morning. Everything is still and sleepy. Most of the campers have yet to breach their door to the outdoors, leaving me alone and at peace with the morning.
This is a good time of reflection. Reflection of the previous day. Reflection of the day to come. And sometimes reflection of my life. It's a quiet time to be one with the universe and have an intimate chat with my creator.
It doesn't take long for life to begin to abound - people begin to hustle a…

CampFire Kabobs

CampFire Kabobs


Chicken or Beef (cubed)
4 Potatoes (pre-boiled if possible)
2 Peppers (red, yellow, orange, or green)
2 Onions
2 Zucchini or Squash
3 Tomatoes (large)
Baby Corn (or small portions of corn on the cob)
Button Mushrooms
Seasoning (such as Mrs. Dash, or McCormicks)
Heavy Duty Tin Foil

Serves 4

Note: Skewers are not necessary for this recipe (though traditionally used for kabobs).

Build a fire!  Or, if you have a grill available on your campsite, you can cook these on a grill.

Cut chicken or beef into cubes. 

Cut potatoes into cubes and boil over an open fire.  Let cool.   (Note: potatoes can be placed in the bags uncooked if you don't have a pot to boil them in first, but will have a harder consistency.  For a soft texture, boil the potatoes before placing in the foil bag).

Cut peppers, onions, zucchini/squash, and tomatoes into large wedges.

Tear off a large portion of heavy duty tin foil (heavy duty works best so that it w…

Dogs Love Camping too!

Dogs love camping just as much as humans - or at least my 3 do!  Say hello to Harley (the Yorkie), Rosey (the pit bull, and the sweetest one you'll ever meet), and Lola (the Maltese).

While having 3 dogs in a camper along with at least 3 other people at the same time can be a challenge, there are some ways to minimize the chaos and make it fun for all.
First, the park we vacation at is dog friendly, and even has a dog park where the fur babies can run around and play.  The park has a strict leash law so letting them out of the camper and off the leash is a win win situation.  If you can find an RV spot with a dog park or dog walk areas, that will help you tremendously.
Second, the dirt.  Yep - dogs can track in a LOT of dirt!  I keep my broom handy and sweep the camper out daily to keep the mess down.  Also, there is a small carpeted area in the main bedroom.  I purchased one of those carpet sweepers like they use in restaurants (I've always called it a Hokey, but that's p…

We bought a camper!

Part of glamping for us is owning a camper.  We bought used and partially remodeled. We put our own touch on the home - added a backsplash, repainted walls and bought some fun accessories. 
Hours were spent scouring through Facebook marketplace and Craigslist to find the perfect camper... well, perfect for us.  There are so many choices out there.  There are some good and there are some bad.  One of the first campers we went to look at was one of the bad.  The pictures online were nice - it was clean, well built, had options we were looking for - so we decided to go take a look.  This camper was a NIGHTMARE!  Upon first glance in the homeowner's driveway, we thought - OK, it needs a good scrubbing and the awning replaced.  So we decided to look inside.  It was like an episode of hoarders.  Ugh!  Stuff and trash everywhere.  An awful smell.  The refrigerator literally had something growing inside (and the camper wasn't plugged up to electricity). The bathroom was gross gross gr…
Welcome to Time 2 Glamp!

I can't wait to share my adventures of camping "in style" with you as well as tips and tricks to make your camping vacation a success! I'll share campfire recipes that the whole family will love, ways to get your kids out of the tent or camper and into nature, and probably a few funny mishaps about my own experiences.

First - check out this ADORABLE camper birdhouse my boyfriend's mom gave us for our camper!  I am officially in love with all things camping! (OK - minus the bugs)

So keep coming back for more and more postings on camping.... er um... Glamping!!!  I like to camp in style!  But, don't mistake that for me being "too good to camp old style". I just like to have a few comforts of home with me when I camp.

Can't wait to share!